Welcome to the home page of Soulspirit Silver Handcrafted jewellery

I am a Jewellery designer and silversmith based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I use traditional silversmithing skills to make sterling silver bespoke pieces of jewellery.

My jewellery is unique, I love the rustic handcrafted look, and strive to make my designs different.

 I work mainly with sterling silver often incorparating  gold, copper, bronze or brass into my designs.

I take inspiration from the beautiful Northern Ireland countryside around me, The hills, mountains, woodland and seashores often reflect in my designs, such a beautiful place to live and work, though there is a lot of rain!

From this page you can navigate my site, visit my shop, read a little about my journey, and of course contact me.

My Jewellery can be seen on display at St Georges market Belfast on Sundays every week on Silver Trilogy stall