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These stud earrings have been made by enclosing memorial ashes inside glass and set into sterling silver.

I use my kiln to melt coloured glass into a cabochon, then add ashes, and cover with layers of clear glass, this process can take up to six firings in the kiln, each firing overnight as the glass needs to cool really slow to stop thermal shock and the glass shattering.

I then set the glass by hand into bespoke sterling silver handmade settings to make these earrings unique and one of a kind.

Ashes are treated with utmost respect, only one at a time going into the kiln to prevent any cross contimanation

These earrings were made from a beloved cats ashes, and the colour was chosen to match the beloved cats eye colour, other colours are available, please just email

Memorial Jewellery stud earrings

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