This is a one of a kind pendant, I find sea glass quite often, but sea pottery is a lot rarer.

I can understand how the glass gets into the sea by people throwing overboard a beer bottle or two, but how on earth do plates and saucers reach the sea?

Anyway, I was lucky one day this year at seapark in Holywood N ireland, I found this bit of sea pottery in the traditional blue and white colour. I knew I had to frame it in sterling silver.

The history of these pieces fascinate me, who could this plate have belonged to, and how many people ate from this plate? If only I knew the story behind this, i would really love to know.

The piece is 4cm long which includes the ring at the top which is soldered on by 2cm wide.

I have suspended it on an 18'' chunky sterling silver chain

Sea pottery pendant in sterling silver